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Dearest Emily(Copyright Diane Hoffman 2001) is a column written by Diane Hoffman Each article in Dearest Emily will be a trip down memory lane in the years of 1951 through 1971 in the form of a letter to the Author's Grand Daughter Emily.So let's take a trip down memory lane and reminisce together.

Writing is my Passion; Poetry, Non-fiction, and Historical fiction. I love to write about my life long experiences, and have had a great time adding a fictional twist to some of them.

Read "The Secret Behind The Mirror" a historical fictional piece with ghosts included!
A Listing Of Letters To a Grand Daughter:
Written on: February 24, 2001 ~JINGLES & NAUGHTY LITTLE DITTIES~

In a letter written to her Grand Daughter Emily, the author recollects some cute radio and TV jingles from the 1950-60 eras, and naughty little ditties she learned from her "Pappy". A photo of "Pappy" is included.

Written on: February 28, 2001 Fun~Treasures~An Old Victrola~Great Grammy Ruth's Attic

Dancing around to Minnie the Moocher being played on an old of the memories the author shares with her grand daughter Emily...teaching her how to have fun pretending in an attic full of simple treasures. Photo included.

Written on: March 12, 2001 How Technology Changed My Life 1951~1985

The Author shares; in a letter to her grand daughter Emily, how technolgy had changed her life growing up from 1951 through 1985 when her family bought their first Microwave. This article was previously submitted under a different name, edited, and resubmitted with corrections. Photo of wringer washer included.

Written on: April 1, 2001 Bonnets, White Gloves, and Pastel Colored Peeps~Easter 1960s Style

In a letter to her grand daughter the author shares her memories of celebrating Easter in the 1960s. A memory of family traditions, religious celebration, and some crazy new ideas like colored peeps that are unique to the decade of the sixties.
~The Author Diane Hoffman in 1958~
"When I was a little girl like you are now..."

Coming Soon...More letters to my Grand Children!
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This site was originally dedicated to my first grand child. These letters are to each and everyone of my precious grandchildren and to all grandchildren. It is my greatest hope that they each will learn about life as I knew it growing up 1950s-1970s and reflect upon what I have written when making decisions in their own lives.

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